Jon Speelman's Chess Puzzle Book by Jon Speelman

By Jon Speelman

Jon Speelman is without doubt one of the so much winning British chess-players of all time, and is popular for the creativity of his play and his awesome calculating skill. he's additionally an exceptionally skilled author and chess trainer. His own number of chess puzzles will infuriate, entertain, try out and educate chess-players of all levels.Themed sections include:* Finger workouts* Stalemate* The Skewer* The Pin* Pawn advertising* Line establishing and shutting* free items* Mating assaults* The again Rank* Knight Forks

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Sample text

g ' ȭ (ȭ7
$Cȭ ' L-ȭ $ $ ȭ --ȭ 7( $ 
Cȭ (ȭ $#ȭ $  ȭ ȭ Eȭ -ȭ   - ȭ * ȭ ȭ (* ȭ $ȭ $* *
ȭ H* $ (ȭ '$ ȭ$-ȭ 5ȭ X2(
* (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ !  ! & ȭ A$
g ' ȭ (ȭ7
$Cȭ ȭ ț ȭ Mȭ
$- ȭ(#ȭ$-ȭȭ   < Xȭȭk ȭ$-ȭ$ -(ȭ  - /ȭ ȭ -ȭCȭ¶ȭ- $  ȭ &ȭ $&ȭ '$ ȭ$77-ȭ$  ȭȭƽ3 5 ȭ &ȭ '$ ȭ -ȭ ȭ $ȭ ȭ $  ȭ ȭ  ȭX $ ȭ (ȭ$ȭ  ȭ &5ȭ X2( * (Yȭ-ȭ7$ȭ! $ ȭ (-ȭ ȭȭÿŮȭ $ ȭ -((ȭ (/ȭ* ȭ  ȭ$-ȭ$ȭ* ȭ( ȭ  $ ȭȭ'$ ȭ$-ȭ 5ȭ X2( * (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ !

P$ ȭ (-ȭ ȭ ?  ņ ȭ  Tȭ ȭ $ ȭ$  ȭ -ȭ $7  ȭ ȭ$ $ ȭ(P ȭ ȭ (ȭ$ ȭȭ(P ȭȭ(ȭ$ 9 $Pȭ'Cȭ$-ȭ -ȭ( ȭ$ȭ(( ȭ $5ȭ X2(P (Yȭ-ȭ7$ȭ ! 1&ȭ $p ' ȭ(7  ȭ( ȭRRȭņ/ȭ ȭ$-ȭ $77$  PCȭ $ȭ (( ȭ  $ȭ - ȭ  ȭ °9 $- ȭ-ȭ(7Ļ(-L  ȭ\(# Tȭ -ȭ$-ȭ $ȭPP-(ȭ'C5ȭ X2(P (Yȭ-ȭ7$ȭ ! _ A$ g ' ȭ (ȭ7P$Cȭ ' ȭ  ȭ (ȭ$P (* ȭ ȭR1ȭ; ȭ * ȭ( ȭ(ȭq(CNȭ 'C5ȭ ,2(P (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ ! P$ L-ȭ$ $ 5ȭ ,' ȭ $ȭ7$ 9 $PPCȭ$P (* ȭ* ȭ ȭ -*P $ ȭ7(- (ȭ -ȭ(7P--&ȭ ,2(P* (Yȭ-ȭ7$ȭ !

-(ȭ-ȭ (ȭ$
-ȭ $
-5ȭ X2(
 (Yȭ-ȭ7$ȭ !
$ ȭ (ȭȌ
$Cȭ A$g ' ȭ (ȭ7
$Cȭ X2(
 (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ ! R&ȭ X2(
 (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ !
$ ȭ-ȗȭ ȭ3 <ȟȭ\(ȭ  ȭ ȭ ȭ ( ȭ $ȭ -($ ȭ   ȭ  ȭ  ȭ $ȭ ($ (ȭ  ȭ  -  ȭ $ -ȭ( ȭ $ȭ --5ȭ &ȭ …$ȭC(ȭ-ȭ-( ȭ7 (-$ ȭ $ ȭ#ȭ- ( 5ȭ X2(  (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ ! $ ȭ Cȭ (ȭ$ ȭ ( 5ȭ X2(  (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭ ! $ ȭ (ȭ7 $Cȭ X2(  (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭŒ&ȭ $(p A$g ' ȭ (ȭ7 $Cȭ X2(  (Yȭ -ȭ7$ȭŒ&ȭ A$g ' ȭ (ȭ7 $Cȭ M-ȭ ((-ȭ Ø  ȭ- ȭ-ȭȭ-ȭ 7(- ȭ ȭ' ȭ( ȭ$ȭ ȭ$Cȭ (ȭ 7 (#ȭ(  -ȭ'$ ȭ$-ȭ 5ȭ X2(  (Yȭ-ȭ7$ƙ !

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